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Insulation Boards

We supply a large range of breathable insulation boards for solid wall constructions as well as sustainable new builds. All our insulation boards are made from natural, sustainable materials.

The use of natural insulation has become increasingly popular with architects and specifiers looking for alternative solutions for new builds due to not only the growing concern for the environment, but the need to ensure improved levels of health and comfort alongside the need to improve energy efficiency within new and existing buildings.

Natural insulations are typically made from materials such as wood fibres, hemp, sheep wool, cork, etc. These insulation materials can offer significant advantages compared to the familiar traditional insulation materials if they are used in the right way.

Our insulation boards contain no harsh chemicals or irritating fibres, natural insulation materials are not generally harmful to health. Compared to manmade insulation, natural materials cause almost no damage to the environment, either in their production or disposal. In fact, many natural insulation materials don’t just reduce a building’s carbon footprint – they even sequester CO2 emissions throughout their lifetime!