Pro Clima DA

Pro Clima DA

Airtight Weather Resistant Vapour Check Membrane

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Main Purpose

Robust airtight internal vapour control membrane and air barrier with excellent weather resistant properties.


DA is an internal airtight membrane that is also robust enough to function as a weathertight air barrier that can be exposed externally for up to 3 months during the construction phase.  It is suitable for use on timber frame and CLT roofs, walls and ceilings and can be used as a robust airtight seal in a suspended timber floor refurbishment.

Pro Clima DA can be used on newbuild timber frame or CLT roofs, walls and ceilings where the airtight membrane will be exposed to weather/UV during construction prior to external insulation and permanent weatherproofing being installed.  

It can also be used on suspended timber floors as a robust internal air barrier (airtight membrane).

DA is a perfect solution for early-stage airtightness.  For example, placing a section of it on a roof joist before rafters are installed over it so another airtight membrane can be taped to it in the future. This ensures a continuous membrane over the joist and accessible edges that are easy to tape.

Pro Clima DA is an internal airtight vapour control (vapour resistant) membrane. It is highly robust and can withstand UV and weather exposure for up to 3 months.

On timber frame or CLT buildings with external insulation, DA is very suitable.  It can be installed directly to the timber frame or CLT making the construction airtight and (temporarily) weatherproof early in the project.  Even though DA is an internal membrane, it can be used to provide external protection for up to 3 months prior to the insulation and permanent windtight membrane being installed over the top.  

When insulating a suspended timber floor, DA provides excellent strength and durability essential for when floorboards are laid over the top.

DA is an extremely robust airtight membrane.  It is highly versatile and perfect for areas where movement, abrasion, foot traffic, scratching or tearing can occur.  The membrane is also more rigid than other airtight membranes so is less likely to crease or fold in or over itself. This makes sealing overlaps very easy.

DA’s ability to withstand weather exposure for 3 months makes sequencing of airtight detailing and scheduling of work easier on site.  Once installed, early in the project, the building will be weathertight and the builder will have up to 3 months to complete the installation of external insulation and the permanent windtight breather membrane.  

Similar to other Pro clima membranes, DA contains a useful printing guide to ensure adequate overlaps are maintained and the airtightness tape is kept in line.

The membrane works to eliminate air and vapour leakage from internal areas to external.

Pro Clima provide a limited system warranty, backed-up with public liability insurance, for all airtightness system, roof and wall sealing system and construction products that they supply. A 10-year warranty is provided for these products when correctly installed in combination with approved thermal insulation materials and other Pro Clima system products.  When correctly installed in combination with other manufacturers’ products (not made by Pro Clima), a 6-year warranty is provided.

Moisture vapour diffusion resistance factor (μ): 5000 .

Temperature Resistance: -40 °C to 100 °C

Thermal conductivity: 0.17 W/mK

sd-value (humidity variable): 2.05 m to 2.55 m

Airtightness test: BS EN 12114

The green printed face of DA should be facing the installer during installation; this is the weatherproof side.  On a wall, the membrane should be laid horizontally and affixed to timber using galvanised rust resistant staples every 100mm.  On a floor, the membrane should be laid perpendicular to the joists. The staple spacing should be reduced to 50mm if using blown-in (dense pack) insulation.

Use Pro Clima Tescon Vana or Tescon No.1 to seal the overlaps. Vana is a stiffer tape, so would be better when DA is exposed to high winds during construction.

Tape onto front green fleece face of membrane for best adhesion.