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BEECK silicate paint – purely mineral

Silicate paints are the high-quality and professional coating materials of choice when it comes to ecological and colourfast interior and exterior coatings. Unlike the usual coating materials, silicate paint does not form a film on the substrate material but instead bonds directly with the substrate. The result is highly stable, lightfast and durable coatings, with particularly convincing long-lasting colour and natural effect.

Specialist for mineral wall coatings

Specialised in the production of silicate paints, BEECK offers a wide range of mineral paints in 200 colours. The special property of silicification offers diverse possibilities for exterior colour design, for example, in new build work or for the restoration of historical building materials. Silicate paints are also the economic and durable alternative to conventional colour coatings for interiors. The permanent, capillary-active bonding with the substrate with low resistance to water vapour diffusion ensures the extremely long lives of the mineral paints and enables a natural, colourfast coating result.

Examples of use: Captivating results following the use of silicate paints are exemplified in the façade restoration of the " Kurfürstlichen Schloss " palace in Mainz or the interior design of the state theatre "Südthüringer Staatstheater Meiningen". The long lives of the mineral paints also result in durable results in highly frequented rooms and are equal in every way to the historic styles that they renew. So mineral paints offer outstanding coating results of the highest quality and durability, on interior and exterior surfaces, which emulsion and DIY store paints rarely achieve. Different primers extend the options on critical substrates. And last but not least, natural material cycles and renewable raw materials emphasise the ecological competence of BEECK Mineral Paints.

Mineral paints for interior

BEECK Mineral paints for interior are the new generation of interior silicate masonry paint with a Kieselsol - Triebrad Formation. This results in excellent workability. The paint can be used on all kinds of surfaces with the correct preparation. It gives a mineral matt finish to the wall. The product feels like an organic paint but has the high performance of a silicate paint. It is solvent free, smell free, has no preservative agents and protects against mould. Beeck Mineral paints can be coloured in many different shades. Or after our Colorsil color chart.

Beeck for Historic Facades

For over 120 years Beeck Mineral Paints have stood for consistency - due toBeeck’s Active Silicate Formulation (ASF). The durability, the level of colour andthe lightfast pigments will upgrade any building for years to come.Mineral Painted surfaces can withstand even the most testing climates, whilst retaining their high performance. The paint is capillary active and vapour diffusiblewhich ensures the building performance is not compromised and moisture is notheld within the substrate. With silicification between the paint and the surface itis protected from damages such as flaking and peeling.The Beeck product range offers economic solutions for all of the decorativerequirements of historic surfaces, renovations, modern buildings or thermalinsulation composite systems.