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Beeck Paint

Built heritage conservation
BEECK has stood for top quality lime and soluble water paints suited for use on historical building materials for more than 120 years. Proven on critical substrates of listed buildings, on which synthetic resin bonded systems frequently fail.

Economic efficiency
The cheerful character, the play of colours and the lightfastness of the pure mineral pigmentation enhance the status of each building for many decades. This unsurpassed durability of BEECK Mineral Paints makes their use maintenance friendly and therefore economical.

The advantages of mineral coatings cannot just be used on traditional building materials but also on composite materials and lightweight building components. A wide range of primers also opens up their use on substrates with weak silicification.

Pure mineral paints are natural mineral paints. Obtained from practically unlimited resources of raw mineral materials, they are integrated in material cycles. Free from solvents, plasticisers and biocides, they enable a healthy living environment.

Roundtower stock the full range of Beeck mineral paints.