Adaptavate BreathAplasta Thermal

Adaptavate BreathAplasta Thermal

Highly insulating, lightweight plaster for solid walls

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Main Purpose

Natural Insulating Breathable Plaster


2m2 @ 10mm thickness.

Adaptavate BreathAplasta Thermal is a versatile multi-coat plaster to thermally insulate solid wall properties to reduce heating demand and improve comfort. It can be applied directly onto a solid masonry wall without the need for primers or grip-coats.

It has a very quick setting time per coat which allows for faster completions and subsequently saves you money !

It is possible to apply 40mm per pass and up to 80mm per day. Setting time per coat is just 2 hours. If applying more than 40mm, this would be done in two coats, green on green.

Easy wet applied thermally insulating plaster system for all building types, especially well suited to older solid wall properties. Plaster systems prevent air gaps that may be seen in solid internal wall insulation (IWI).

BreathAplasta Smooth can be used as a topcoat over BreathAplasta Thermal.

Coverage per bag is 2m2 @ 10mm thickness.

Apply directly to any solid masonry external facingwall – brick, block and stone. A 50mm coat will improvethe U value of a standard solid wall by around 60%.

Why use this system? Insulating your solidwalls can cut your heating bills considerably, and make your home more comfortable. System 1 is a fast and reliable way to rapidly add insulation to your home and increase U-values. Designed for use in solid wall buildings,typically built before 1920.

When to use this system? This system can be installed year-round in temperatures between 5ºC - 25ºC

What backgrounds are suitable? System 1 is suitable for masonry backgrounds, brick, block and stone. The system does not impede the ability of a wall to breathe.

How to prepare the background ?

1. Plan services and detailing based on intended final thickness of plaster.

2. Plan junctions between different material types to help minimise thermal bridging.

3. Before plastering, consolidate any loose material and brush away dust.

4. Spray water onto porous substrates such as brick, block, and stone prior to the application of plaster - this helps to control suction. Primer maybe required when plastering over multiple backgrounds.

5. Use Thermal to dub out any large holes and to level the wall prior to main plastering.

6. Apply Thermal up to 40mm thickness and leave to set for at least 2 hours.

7. Repeat step 6 until desired thickness is achieved. Typical application is 80mm thickness applied in two coats.

How to apply the plaster ? Breathaplasta Thermal is applied in two or more coats of up to 40mm per trowel pass. Each coat has a setting time of just 2 hours. Thermal can be applied by hand (trowel application) or sprayed by machine.