Beeck Renosil (12.5L)

Beeck Renosil (12.5L)

External paint. Very hard wearing commercial grade, general purpose paint. For all mineral surfaces and over existing paints.

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Main Purpose

For all mineral surfaces and over existing paints.


The application rate, i.e. the quantity required for smooth, normally absorbent substrates is approximately 0.13 L BEECK Renosil Fine per m2 and pass.

Renosil Fine is a ready to use, breathable exterior mineral based paint. Renosil works by chemically bonding to the surface, which results in superb durability. The chemical bond, remineralises the surface, offering further protection and longevity. Renosil also contains a hydrophobic element, which can reduce water ingress by up to 90%, whilst still maintaining a vapour permeability.

Renosil has been used extensively worldwide in both conservation and new build applications, comfortably achieveing a 10 year plus lifespan, even in the most testing conditions. Renosil Fine can be used as both a base and top coat paint, or as a finishing coat over Renosil Coarse.

Used in Conjunction with:

Beeck Renosil is used in conjunction with, Etching fluid to remove latence from fresh/new render - Fixative to control and stabalise porous render - Renosil Coarse to mask hairline cracking

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