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Cork insulation boards provide excellent thermal and acoustic performance. The use of 100% natural expanded cork insulation boards on a building ensures maximum thermal insulation and a significant acoustic protection. Cork insulation is made from the natural cork which is removed from the tree every 9 years without the tree being cut down or harmed.

Cork insulation boards provide a breathable insulating material, free from chemicals or synthetic resins which ensures a healthy environment inside our buildings.

Cork has a low thermal conductivity (From 0,036 to 0,040 W/m.K) and comes in a range of sizes from 20mm up to 300mm.

Cork Boards are available in a range of thicknesses and each board measures 500 mm x 1000 mm. Supplied in packs – the number of boards per pack differs depending on the thickness of board.

The adhesive mortar Isovit E-Cork, constituted by natural hydraulic lime and cork aggregates, ensures the perfect compatibility and correct fixing of the insulation cork panels. Completed with the Reabilita Cal AC 100% natural hydraulic lime mortar as an effective protection against weathering.


Should you require any further information or U-Value calculations, please get in touch with us. We supply all associated products such as the adhesives, plasters, mesh and fixings for the cork board insulation system. Please get in touch for a comprehensive quote on the full system. We are a friendly bunch and happy to help!