Seciltek Reabilita Cal RB

Seciltek Reabilita Cal RB

Reabilita Cal RB (formerly Reboco) by SecilTek is a dry, pre-mixed lime render exclusively formulated from natural hydraulic lime, with the inclusion of natural fibres.

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Main Purpose

Sprayable lime mortar


25 kg covers 1.7 m² @ 10 mm

Reabilita Cal RB was specially developed for the conservation of old buildings and is also suitable for application on new masonry. Therefore apply it onto substrates such as concrete, bricks, concrete blocks or stone.

It incorporates thoroughly selected siliceous and calcareous aggregates and additives, having particular thixotropic properties, adhesion, chemical resistance and durability specifically adapted for the intended use.

The exclusive use of the natural hydraulic lime and its special composition, results in an excellent compatibility with old substrates. Apart from the physical and mechanic adhesion, there is also a high chemical bond.

REABILITA Cal Reboco is suited for sprayed application. However it can be manually applied.

Not recommended to apply coats less than 10 mm or more than 20 mm thick.

Reabilita Cal RB should not be applied in room and substrate temperature below 5 ºC and above 30 ºC. It has a curing time of 28 days.

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