Roundtower Projects

A collection of projects over a number of years, utilising Roundtower products.

18th Century Church Tower

The masonry in this lovely 18th C church tower in Innishannon, Co Cork has been recently consolidated and repointed using Roundtower Limes.

New Build House

This new build house was lime pointed using Roundtower limes.

Dún na Séad Castle

Dún na Séad Castle was built in 1215 and has had a long and fascinating history. It fell into a ruined state in the middle of the seventeenth century, however, and remained a ruin until recent works of restoration. Restoration works were carried out using Roundtower Lime mortars.

Elder Hall

Elder Hall, Adelaide, South Australia. Winner of Master Builders Association award for Specialist Contractor. Roundtower Limes used in the restoration of stonework, repointing, stone replacement.

Urbae Gatehouse

Urbrae Gatehouse – The gatehouse sits at the entrance to the Waite Historic Precinct of Adelaide University. Restored using Rt Limes in repointing.

Coach House

Roundtower NHL 3.5 harling on a new concrete block extension to a coach house. Beautiful finish helping blend the new with the old.

New Built Barn

New barn built using Roundtower NHL mortars and plasters.

Inneston Post Office

Winner of Master Builders Association award for Excellence in Environemnt and Sustainable Construction. Roundtower Limes used in stone replacement, repointing and lime washing.

Glencoe Woolshed

This shearing/wool shed is a 36 stand shed and is unique because it was never converted to mechanised shearing. Repointed and restorative stonework using Roundtower Limes.

St Francis Xavier Cathedral

Construction of a new sacristy in sandstone involved carving of stone features to plinth, tracery winsow, blind trefoil window and gable, capping and finials. Roundtower Lime used throughout project. Winner of MBA Award for Excellence in Commercial/Industrial Building.

Charles Fort

Charles Fort, Kinsale a five bastioned fort completed in 1680 and recently repaired with Roundtower Lime mortars. .

Palace Wharf

This development has used Roundtower Lime throughout, including the new build part (pink building) which is a cavity wall concrete block building, built using Roundtower NHL 3.5 mortar and renders.

Cor Castle

Restoration of Cor Castle using Roundtower mortars.

"For HSR (Aust) group it is important to have access to a high quality product to undertake our conservation work in Australia, and in Roundtower Limes we have not only that, but a quick international delivery time, and a personable relationship with our suppliers."