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We supply a high quality range of rigid and semi rigid natural wood fibre boards from Steico with thermal conductivity ranging from 0.036 to 0.05 W/m2kK and densities from 70 to 270 kg/m3 to meet the insulation needs of your new build or refurbishment project.

Some of our wall boards are impregnated to improve moisture resistance for internal or external applications, behind facades and tiles or as part of an External Wall Insulated (EWI) render system.

Steico wood fibre insulating materials provide a comfortable climate. With wood fibre insulation materials it is easy to achieve low energy and passive house standards.

Healthy Flex

Timber insulations help to control the internal environment of buildings. They keep cold out, buffer external heat, regulate moisture content and actively help to promote breathable and healthy structures.

Breathability is at the core of a healthy building. The fundamental functionality of the building material is its ability to cope with the adverse effects of moisture – often known as ‘permeability’ or ‘vapour open construction’. Steico wood fibre is hygroscopic and capillary active which enables the fabric to absorb redistribute and release moisture in a gaseous or liquid state; meaning that these materials can manage moisture effectively. This helps prevent condensation and thus mould growth and building damage.

Recent figures suggest that we spend over 90% of our time indoors. Indoor air quality therefore has a major impact on our health and the multifaceted consequences regarding health and ecology should be taken into account.

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Your Home, Your Choice

Our homes should be nourishing places and time spent at there should be restorative. Sadly, this is not always the case and increasingly we see evidence of poor internal climates with high carbon dioxide, high numbers of volatile organic compounds, mould and fungal exposure, electromagnetic fields, poorly balanced relative humidity and particulate matter which can be become suspended in the air column. These air quality polluting environmental toxins can have a significant impact on our health.

Homeowners who move into a healthy home consistently report a sense of well-being, vitality, and joy that had been previously unknown to them. There is no doubt about it. Creating a healthy living environment is always worth it. Any step you take to create a healthy living environment will benefit you and others in your immediate environment.

Should you require any further information or U-Value calculations, please get in touch with us. We are a friendly bunch and happy to help !