Steico Universal

Steico Universal

Natural wood fibre sarking and sheating board.

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Main Purpose

Used as an external insulation sarking & sheathing board.


A board covers 1.45m2.

Steico Universal is an external insulation sarking & sheathing board made from natural wood fibre sourced from sustainable forests. Steico Universal wood fibre insulation sarking board is produced in accordance with EN 13171 and EN 13986 with and with ongoing quality supervision. The wood comes solely from sustainably cultivated forests.

Steico Universal sheathing board for is for both pitched roof and wall construction.  The board is made from natural wood fibres.  Steico Universal is designed for sheathing timber frame wall panels with stud framing not less than 38 mm in width and at maximum 600mm centres. Steico Universal boards may be fully exposed for up to four weeks in a temporary condition during insulation installation

When Steico Universal is used as a roof insulation board on roof pitches ≥ 16°. These insulation sheets are water vapour open and are suitable for warm roofs.

This insulated sarking board protects from cold in winter and prevents overheating in the summer.


  1. High compressive strength
  2. High heat protection during summer months
  3. Excellent insulation qualities, prevents thermal bridging
  4. Water vapour open, suitable for warm roofs
  5. Water resistant due to special rebate on roof pitches ≥ 18°
  6. May be fully exposed for up to four weeks in a temporary condition
  7. Effective protection against wind, dust, moisture and sound
  8. Enhanced vapour transfer
  9. Contributes to an excellent room climate
  10. Ecologically  and environmentally friendly, recyclable
  11. Made of wood fibres, FSC® chain of custody certified

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