Seciltek Reabilita Cal AC (Finishing)

Seciltek Reabilita Cal AC (Finishing)

A lime-based premixed fine top coat render and renovation plaster.

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Main Purpose

Finishing plaster for Cork board insulation.


25 kg bag covers 4 m² at 4 mm thick (applied in two coats of 2 mm thick each).

Reabilita Cal AC is a blend of natural hydraulic lime and carefully selected aggregates.

Use as a finishing coat in the renovation and rehabilitation of exteriors on old masonry. It is also used as the designated finish for the ecoCORK insulated render system and Cork Board Insulation systems.

Use on old or young rendered surfaces as a finishing layer in conservation and renovation. The use of natural lime binders, and their special composition, results in an excellent physical chemical behaviour and mechanical performance.

Its thixotropic adhesion and permeability properties means it is particularly suitable for use over old rendered substrates.

The substrates must be clean of dust, sand, release agents, disaggregated or unstable materials or paints.

The NHL Finishing Mortar must be mixed with the appropriate amount of water, in small quantities and using an electrical drill, in order to obtain a uniform paste without lumps.

Ideally this should be applied in 2 X 2mm coats.

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