Pro Clima Aerofixx

Pro Clima Aerofixx

Sprayer and sealant gun for Aerosana Visconn and Visconn Fibre 600ml foil cartridges

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Main Purpose

An ultra-convenient tool for spraying and applying a bead of Aerosana Visconn and Visconn Fibre. Provides a cost-effective spraying method for small sized areas and tricky details.


Pro Clima Aerofixx is a unique solution for the rapid application of Aerosana Visconn and Visconn Fibre to a large range of surfaces. It uses convenient 600ml foil cartridges of Visconn Fibre or Aerosana Visconn liquid airtight membrane. The Aerofixx connects to an air compressor and can be used for both spraying and filling and sealing joints and gaps. It is ideal for quickly creating an airtight seal in areas where tape and membrane would be unsuitable, time-consuming, or difficult to apply.

Use Aerofixx where Aerosana Visconn and Visconn Fibre would be applied. It is especially convenient for sealing areas where tape or membrane is difficult, unsuitable or time consuming to apply. Aerofixx is compatible with 600ml foil cartridges.

Aerosana Visconn and Visconn Fibre can be applied to Smooth or rough brick, blockwork, stone, concrete, timber, metal brackets, wood-based boards, and panels.

Aerofixx should be connected to an air compressor.  The minimum specification for the compressor is 300 litres per minute (air displacement) and 6 bar.

Pro Clima Aerofixx sprayer and sealant gun can be loaded with foil cartridges of Aerosana Visconn or Visconn Fibre.  Once connected to an air compressor (set to 6 bar), it can extrude a bead of the material to fill wide gaps, then with the turn of a dial, can also spray the material over the top (and seal the surrounding area) to achieve an airtight seal extremely quickly.

Aerofixx is unique in the marketplace and the first tool capable of both spraying and filling of gaps and joints. The user can quickly swap from Aerosana Visconn to Visconn Fibre very easily to rapidly seal a huge range of difficult or tricky details in record time.  The airflow rate and spray pattern can be adjusted to make it even more convenient for airtight detailing.

To use Pro Clima Aerofixx, users only need foil cartridges of Aerosana Visconn or Visconn Fibre and to connect the Aerofixx to an air compressor. It is therefore a cost-effective solution for airtightness installers (and skilled DIY enthusiasts) as no higher-cost airless sprayer machine and spray gun is required.  The 600ml foil cartridges also allow for smaller areas to be sealed in a cost-effective way, allowing users to buy only as much Visconn material as they need instead of larger 5 or 10 litre buckets.

Aerofixx uses compressed air to activate an internal plunger to squeeze a foil tube of Aerosana Visconn or Visconn Fibre and expel it through an adjustable nozzle.  The nozzle can be rotated to switch between spraying the Visconn material or slowly extruding a bead.  The amount of material expelled and the width of the spray pattern can be varied by adjusting the nozzle and the air flow rate.

Compressor Compatibility: Minimum 300 litres/min, upto 6.8bar (100psi)

System compatibility: Aerosana Fleece, Visconn 600ml Foil Cartridge

Unscrew the front of the Aerofixx to remove the black end cap (spray head).  The blue internal plunger should be visible towards the top of the body of the Aerofixx.

Insert a foil cartridge of Aerosana Visconn or Visconn Fibre into the body.  Make sure the cartridge protrudes slightly from the Aerofixx body.

The end of the foil cartridge (where the foil is gathered together and sealed), should then be pinched to squeeze the Visconn material away from the end and form a point that can be easily cut off. Cut it off with a sharp pair of scissors or cutting pliers.

Next screw the Air nozzle (shaped like a conical tube) into the hole where the material nozzle protrudes.

Set the air compressor to 6.5 bar, then attach the hose to the Aerofixx.

Initially turn the red and blue dial clockwise to the “fully open” position. Then turn it back (anti-clockwise) by half a turn (180°); this is the default position.

Set the material flow-rate by turning the inner ring around the protruding nozzle.  Clockwise towards the line setting, increases flow rate. Anti-clockwise towards the spray setting decreases flow-rate.  The default setting is in the middle; this will produce a medium width spray.

Hold Aerofixx perpendicular to the surface being sprayed at a distance of 10cm away. Use the trigger to start spraying. Start moving the Aerofixx, in the direction you wish to spray, then press the trigger and release the trigger while Aerofixx is still in motion. This will ensure the same thickness of material is consistently applied along the line and at each end.  

The minimum thickness required when spraying Aerosana Visconn is 0.6mm (1/32"). Please check this using a measuring gauge. This thickness is typically achieved when a seamless, slightly wavy, but non-running surface with an "orange peel" texture is formed.

For most efficient and effective coverage, the initial layer of Aerosana Visconn should be sprayed on horizontally with the second layer being sprayed on vertically.  Each strip of Aerosana Visconn sprayed should overlap by 1 third.

To seal and cover gaps of up to 3 mm, the joint must be flooded with Aerosana Visconn.  Spray to one side of the joint at an angle towards the joint so the Visconn flows into the joint without being blasted straight through it.  

For gaps or joints wider than 20mm, spray the surrounding area with Aerosana Visconn then cover with Aerosana Fleece (to bridge the gap). Use a brush to press it into place avoiding any creases or folds and then spray over completely with more Aerosana Visconn.  

Sealing gaps and joints of 3-20 mm in width requires Visconn Fibre. If the gap is over 5mm, spray the Visconn Fibre at an angle of 60° towards the gap.  This will push the Visconn Fibre into the gap and fill it completely.  The thickness of the material sprayed on should be at least half as thick as the width of the gap.

Once the foil cartridge is empty, screw off the spray head and remove the inner material nozzle to reveal the empty foil cartridge. Point the open end of the Aerofixx in or towards a waste container and press the trigger to shoot the empty foil bag out of the tube. It may come out quickly, so make sure it is caught in the container and any splatter can be contained within the waste container also.

Clean the device if necessary and then slide the blue plunger (hanging on a string) back into the cylindrical body of the Aerofixx and insert a new foil cartridge.

When finished for the day, screw off the spray head, remove the material nozzle and remove the tubular bag. Wipe the Aerofixx clean with a damp cloth or paper towel.  Rinse the two nozzles and end cap (spray head) with water.  Collect the water used for washing and dispose of it properly.