Roundtower Products


At Roundtower, we offer building materials of superior quality as well as expert training. Our range of Lime products including top-quality lime binders, mortars, and insulating lime plasters are designed for versatile and eco-friendly construction. Achieve sustainability without compromising on quality. Lime is suitable for a wide variety of applications, whether it’s traditional masonry, modern construction, or energy-efficient insulation. Elevate your construction endeavours with Roundtower’s exceptional lime-based solutions.

Breathable Paints

Breathable paints for both historic and contemporary construction

Associated Products

A range of associated building materials.

Waterproofing & Breathable Sealants

A range of Delta membrane systems and 'breathable sealants'.


With Roundtower Lime’s extensive expertise in the manufacture and application of construction materials suitable for use on older properties, we can offer our services on a consultancy basis for any project.


At Roundtowers, we understand the fundamental importance of insulation in creating comfortable and energy-efficient living and working spaces. Our extensive range of natural insulation products offers you the ideal materials for your project, whether you’re enhancing an existing structure or building sustainably from the ground up. The cornerstone to achieving a steady indoor temperature lies in the efficiency of insulation whether it's flexible insulation rolls, insulation boards, Steico Wood Fibre Insulation, blown-in insulation, SkamoWall Calcium Silicate Board, or Cork Board.

Roundtower Limecrete Flooring System

Limecrete floor systems are a modern interpretation of traditional solid floors that are both insulating and effective at managing ground moisture.

Airtight & Windtight Systems

Our airtight and windtight systems offer a solution to draughts, uneven temperatures and the risk of the build-up of mould and damp.