Roundtower NHL 3.5 Off-White

Moderately Natural Hydraulic Lime - Used mainly for masonry and external plaster works. The most popular material for new build work.

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Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL)is supplied in three European classifications, NHL 2 (feebly hydraulic), NHL 3.5 (moderately hydraulic) and NHL 5 (eminently hydraulic). These grades are based on compressive strength.

NHL has a number of qualities:

  • Lime reabsorbs a proportion of carbon dioxide (CO2) during curing and setting, thus offsetting part of CO2 created from production.
  • It allows buildings to 'breathe', and does not trap moisture inside the walls.
  • Lime mortars are very workable.
  • Lime allows masonry to be recycled at the end of its life and does not damage brick and stone.

Roundtower lime NHL 3.5 is a great all-round hydraulic lime suitable for most locations and conditions. NHL (Natural Hydraulic Lime) is made from limestone which contains naturally occurring impurities. These impurities aid the setting time and hardness of the lime. Roundtower Lime contains no artificial additives included in the mix. Natural hydraulic lime is 100% natural.

Roundtower NHL 3.5 is ideal for the below:

  1. Plastering/Rendering.
  2. Pointing stonework, brickwork, and blocks.
  3. Mortars for construction.

Roundtower NHL's will set in the presence of water which makes it ideal for use on exterior applications.

Each bag contains 25kg. Each pallet contains 56 X 25kg bags.

Working temperatures should not be below 5 degrees. Make sure that high suction materials are thoroughly dampened before application.  Avoid rapid drying due to high temperatures or strong winds using appropriate curing methods. Protect fresh mortar from frost, rain, direct sun and strong wind for a minimum of 48 hours depending on the time of year.

Always remember that the mortar should never be harder than the masonry.

Approximate coverage rates:

Plastering & Rendering with a mix of 2.5 parts sand to 1 part lime at 10mm thickness covers approximately 8m².

Pointing Rubble Stone with a mix of 2.5 parts sand to 1 part lime covers approximately 10m².

Pointing Brickwork with a mix of 2.5 parts sand to 1 part lime covers approximately 16m².