HeliFix Crack Stitching

HeliFix Crack Stitching

Helifix Crack Stitching repairs and stabilises cracked masonry

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Main Purpose

Helifix Crack Stitching repairs and stabilises cracked masonry.


Helifix Crack Stitching repairs and stabilises cracked masonry using stainless steel HeliBars bonded into cut slots with HeliBond grout for a quick, simple, effective and permanent solution.

Cracked masonry is best stabilised by bonding HeliBar stainless steel bars into appropriate bed joints or cut slots. Tensile loads are redistributed along the masonry to minimise further developments of the crack which may occur with simple injection methods.

Each kit contains:

10no HeliBars 6mm x 1m long, SS304 Grade

1no HeliBond Cementitious Grout x 3Ltr (3Ltr are for approx. 10LM)

1no CS Pointing Gun (c/w cartridge and cone)

1no Mortar Nozzle

1no HeliBar Insertion Tool

1no Mortar Rake 6x15x75mm


  • Rapid and permanent solution to cracked masonry
  • Suitable for all forms of masonry structures


  • Fully concealed, non-disruptive repair solution
  • More reliable than crack injection methods
  • HeliBond cementitious grout is injectable and rapidly produces high compressive strength
  • HeliBars and HeliBond grout combine to create excellent tensile strength within the masonry
  • No additional stresses are introduced during installation
  • Masonry remains flexible enough to accommodate normal building movement
  • Tensile loads are redistributed
  • Reduces likelihood of further cracking nearby
  • Avoids costly and disruptive taking down and rebuilding

Installation Procedures:

  1. HeliBar to be long enough to extend a minimum of 500mm either side of the crack or 500mm beyond the outer cracks if two or more adjacent cracks are being stitched using one rod.
  2. Where a crack is less than 500mm from the end of a wall or an opening, the HeliBar is to be continued for at least 200mm around the corner and bonded into the adjoining wall or bent back and fixed into the reveal, avoiding any DPC.
  3. For solid masonry in excess of 300mm thick and in a cavity wall where both leaves are cracked, the wall must be crack stitched on both sides.
  4. If there is render, this thickness must be added to the depth of slot. Crack stitching must be installed in the masonry and never in the render.
  5. Ensure the masonry is well wetted or primed to prevent premature drying of the HeliBond due to rapid de-watering, especially in hot conditions. Ideally additional wetting of the slot should be carried out 1 to 2 minutes prior to injecting the HeliBond grout.
  6. Do not use HeliBond when the air temperature is +4°C and falling or apply over ice. In all instances the slot must be thoroughly damp or primed prior to injection of the HeliBond grout.