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Cast Iron Rainwater Goods

Cast iron gutters are a strong, robust, and durable option for rainwater systems, particularly in exposed areas like shopping centres, carparks, and schools, where they can resist impact damage. They're available in 8 standard colours for traditional heritage projects, but other colors are available upon request. If you're looking for an authentic traditional cast iron style, cast iron style PVC gutters can achieve that look while being made of PVC plastic. Cast aluminum gutters are a sustainable and versatile option with a light weight-to-strength ratio, making them strong yet economical. They can also be formed in a variety of ways to accommodate off-site fabrication. Cast aluminum painted gutters offer a range of color finishes not typically available in the construction industry. For a contemporary, eco-friendly, and cost-effective alternative to plastic gutters, consider galvanised steel gutters. They're lightweight and won't shrink, leak, or fade in colour.

Cast Aluminium Rainwater Goods

We offer a full range of traditional gutter profiles to suit your building needs. Our gutters feature simple spigot joints, wet sealed, and bolted with an extensive range of fixing options. Manufactured using modern aluminium casting techniques, our Heritage aluminium gutters are factory finished, ensuring long-lasting quality and durability. In addition to our gutters, we also offer a range of socketed extruded aluminium downpipes.

These downpipes feature traditionally designed, loose cast sockets for easy connections between pipes and fittings. The pipes are also available with ears for fixing back to the wall, and we offer a choice of base clips to give alternative projections. Whether you're looking for gutter profiles or socketed downpipes, our products offer a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Browse our collection now and discover the perfect solution for your building needs.

Here at Roundtower we have multiple specialists who can help you come to a custom tailored solution for your specific needs. You can get in contact with us via email: info@roundtowerlime.com or telephone us at IRL (+353): 021 477 6677. Our experienced sales team can answer many frequently asked questions related to the installation of these products.