Heritage Range Cast Aluminium Collar Circular Rainwater Down Pipe

Heritage Range Cast Aluminium Collar Circular Rainwater Down Pipe

Heritage Range Cast Collar Circular Rainwater Pipes

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Main Purpose

A downpipe carries rainwater from the roof to ground level drainage.


Our range of round, square and rectangular downpipes have a Heritage style diecast socket, which is factory fitted to each extruded length. The socket detail has double rings and is available with or without fixing ears.

When ordering bends and Y junctions with ears, please indicate if you require left or right handed. A wide variety of extension brackets and clips can be made to order.

Why Choose Aluminium ?

Aluminium is the world's most abundant metal. Its light weight, strength, corrosion resistance and formability make it the most specified alloy where durability and low maintenance are required.

It is one third the weight of steel, yet when alloyed, its strength to weight ration is superior to that of steel. Its surface strength has self regenerating properties. A natural oxide film provides resistance to corrosion which when damaged will reform itself to continue the anti-corrosion protection.

It is safe to handle, non-toxic, and is infinitely recyclable. Its production from bauxite ore uses electricity which is mainly produced from renewable hydroelectric power.

It causes no adverse run-off to ground water. It is non-magnetic, and its lack of an electrostatic charge means that is does not attract dirt.

The appearance of aluminium can be enhanced to create a visual impact that is as varied as the Architects imagination and will ensure that the desired long term aesthetic appeal of the project is maintained.

Choice Of Finish:

Architects frequently specify aluminium where durability, low maintenance, colour and finish are important elements with the design concept. Choosing the finish is critical to determining the final appearance and life of the project. High quality aluminium powder coating finishes have proven benefits; they increase durability and reduce maintenance.

Polyester powder coating offers the specifier a far wider range of colours and gloss levels than other finishing processes and has the advantage of the colour remaining totally consistent, regardless of the underlying metal substrate. On-Site remedial work is easy to touch-up.

The advanced technology of the process ensurers that a single coat will provide a durable finish which is chemically bonded to the metal surface. The correct pre-treatment of the metal surface, and the controlled curing cycle are vital in ensuring a durable and colour stable coating process.

Powder coating has the environmentally friendly advantage of the finish being applied without the use of solvents, plus any over sprayed powder is collected and recycled.

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