Steico Therm

Steico Therm

Natural wood fibre board for internal wall and roof applications. (Square edge)

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Main Purpose

Natural insulation board for internal wall and roof applications.


0.81m2 per board.

Steico Therm is a rigid thermal insulation board made from sustainably sourced natural wood fibres for application in roof, wall and floor systems. Steico Therm is a square edged board where as Steico Internal is a tongue and groove board.

Easy and fast fixing wood fibre board with superior insulating properties in both summer and winter. High compressive strength, water vapour open (helps regulate the indoor climate of a building).

The board has a light side (machine sanded in the factory) and a darker unsanded side, the lighter side is the plaster carrying face.

Steico Therm is water vapour open, which means that water vapour can pass freely through it. This is critical for solid wall constructions to ensure the structure maintains its breathability. By correctly setting this eco friendly board to a wall built with lime mortar and plastered with lime plaster, the structure can continue to breathe as it should and you will get an up-grade to the thermal performance of your house.

Steico Therm is a square edged wood fibre board that has many uses in eco friendly homes. We predominately use it for internal wall insulation, however it is can also be used to infill between rafters and joists although Steico Flex 036 would be better for this application.


  1. Steico Therm has high compression strength
  2. Steico Therm has high heat protection during summer months (absorbs heat from the sun and give it off when it gets cooler)
  3. Steico Therm has excellent insulation qualities
  4. Steico Therm is water vapour open
  5. Steico Therm helps to regulate the indoor climate, due to its long phase shift it will help with summer cooling as well as winter insulation
  6. Steico Therm is an eco-friendly insulation board
  7. Steico Therm rigid insulation board is recyclable
  8. Steico Therm is an accredited heat insulation material

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