Pro Clima Orcon Multibond

Pro Clima Orcon Multibond

Double sided solid adhesive strip supplied on a roll.

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Main Purpose

Creates an instant permanent and flexible airtight seal for use with membranes; especially on vertical or overhanging surfaces where Orcon F might dry too slowly or be harder or less convenient to apply in an unbroken continuous bead.


Orcon Multibond is a double-sided solid acrylic strip of glue. It provides an instant permanent and flexible airtight seal between membrane and surfaces. Orcon Multibond will permanently stick to all Pro Clima vapour control and breathable membranes, and any smooth or uneven surface

Orcon Multibond contains no solvents and has the best possible Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) rating in accordance with ISO 16001. This contributes to improved indoor air quality.  It provides an instant seal when used with no curing time. This may be particularly useful when a building is undergoing a blower door test and leakage points need to be immediately sealed and re-tested.

Orcon Multibond is a 10m long strip of solid acrylic glue that is 3mm thick. It has no carrier film or backing and once the release film has been removed, it provides a double-sided narrow strip of solid glue on an easy to dispense roll.  The product is highly flexible so it can be applied onto rough or uneven surfaces. Once applied to the substrate it is then very easy to bond the membrane onto the 3mm thick strip of glue.

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