Airtight & Windtight Systems

Our airtight and windtight systems offer a solution to draughts, uneven temperatures and the risk of the build-up of mould and damp.

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Pro Clima is a company that focuses on developing, manufacturing, and marketing highly effective sealing systems for thermal insulation structures. Their goal is to facilitate and support the construction of energy-efficient, well-protected, and healthy buildings. By using their products, asset values can be preserved, and a pleasant, healthy indoor environment can be created. Pro Clima prioritise both excellent performance and the best possible ecological impact in their product development. Choose Pro Clima for your building's sealing needs and enjoy the benefits of a high-performing and eco-friendly solution.

Pro Clime Core System

Core system of versatile products

In line with Pro Clima’s ‘mini-max’ philosophy, their streamlined core system consists of just these few products that offer maximum versatility. With them, you will have a reliable solution at hand for sealing the building envelope on almost all your construction projects!

Versatile products include : INTELLO PLUS (Airtightness membrane) SOLITEX MENTO 3000 (Medium-weight roofing underlay) SOLITEX FRONTA QUATTRO (Wall lining membrane for open-jointed cladding, gap width up to 35 mm (1 3/8") connect with self-adhesive zones) AEROSANA VISCONN (Liquid seal), TESCON VANA (Adhesive tape), ORCON F( Joint adhesive), CONTEGA SOLIDO IQ (Window and plaster sealing tape),

Why Airtight?

Airtight building is not only required by law in many territories but is also essential for protecting against mould and heat loss. Building regulations and standards mandate airtight constructions for a good reason: the airtightness layer helps to save energy, prevent moisture damage to structures, and avoid unpleasantly warm indoor temperatures in summer.

Thermal insulation is crucial in decoupling the indoor climate from the outdoor climate. The temperature difference between the two climate zones creates air flow, also known as convection. During winter, warm air from inside the building exits through the structure into the exterior surroundings. The airtightness layer prevents this air flow, thereby hindering the loss of warm air to the outside. Additionally, it helps to prevent mould and moisture damage to building structures due to condensation, and provides a comfortable indoor climate in summer.