Pro Clima Tescon Primer RP

Pro Clima Tescon Primer RP

Airtight tape surface primer.

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Main Purpose

To ensure airtight tapes have a robust and permanent bond on almost any surface.



Tescon Primer RP is for priming surfaces before using airtight tapes. It stabilises and prepares absorbent surfaces, masonry, dust producing surfaces, fibrous surfaces or any surface that can separate (come away/break) when forces are applied to the bond. On all the surfaces commonly found on a building site, Tescon Primer RP makes sure the adhesion of the tape will be successful.

Where to use it:

Tescon Primer RP can be used on wood fibre insulation boards, smooth timber, concrete, plaster, block and brick.

What it does:

This airtight tape surface primer can be used in new builds or refurbishment projects (retrofits) to prepare surfaces for the effective application of airtight tapes and airtight adhesives.

Tapes can be used over the primed area immediately. There is no need to wait for it to dry. When wet, Tescon Primer RP is a white milky colour. When it is fully dried, it is transparent.  

Pro Clima Tescon Primer RP can be easily applied with a brush or roller and tape can be immediately applied (before it dries).

It is also easy to achieve a precise application, exactly where you need it, when using a brush or roller.

Tescon RP Primer comes in a 1 Litre squeezable bottle, that keeps the primer clean and dust free prior to use, or a 2.5 Litre tin. The larger tin is more economic for use on larger areas; just make sure to replace the lid and avoid contamination of the primer with onsite dust or debris (while the lid is off).

Use it on:

Brick, block, concrete, plaster, smooth timber and wood fibre insulation boards.

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