At Roundtowers, we understand the fundamental importance of insulation in creating comfortable and energy-efficient living and working spaces. Our extensive range of natural insulation products offers you the ideal materials for your project, whether you’re enhancing an existing structure or building sustainably from the ground up. The cornerstone to achieving a steady indoor temperature lies in the efficiency of insulation whether it's flexible insulation rolls, insulation boards, Steico Wood Fibre Insulation, blown-in insulation, SkamoWall Calcium Silicate Board, or Cork Board

Insulation for All Seasons

Selecting the correct insulation solution is important to ensure your home remains comfortable throughout the year. Our expansive range of insulation options cater to all seasons, making it easier to maintain optimal temperature year round. 

Winter Warmth: In cold seasons, effective insulation prevents heat loss and keeps your home warm and snug. Whether it’s flexible insulation, insulation boards, or natural wood fibre insulation, our products cater to reducing the heating cost and keeping you cosy.

Summer Cool: During hot summer months, proper insulation keeps your home cool and comfortable. Having insulation that helps keep you warm during winter but doesn't leave you in an uncomfortable sweat during summer is essential. We offer various products perfect for this problem: Steico Wood Fibre Insulation and Cork Boards excel at maintaining a pleasant temperature even when the sun blazes. 

Energy Efficiency Year-Round: With increased energy costs, it's imminent that you make sure your home uses as little energy as possible. Our insulation solutions are designed to reduce your energy spending year round. 

Sustainability Matters: Beyond comfort and savings, our insulation options are sustainable and eco-friendly. By choosing the right insulation, you also make a positive impact on the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is natural insulation?

Natural insulation refers to insulation materials made from renewable, sustainable, and eco-friendly sources such as wood, cork, hemp, and recycled materials. These materials are used to improve energy efficiency in buildings.

What are the advantages of using natural insulation?

Natural insulation offers several benefits, including energy efficiency, sustainability, improved indoor air quality, resistance to moisture and mould, and minimal environmental impact.

How does natural insulation compare to traditional insulation materials like fibreglass or foam?

Natural insulation materials often provide similar or superior thermal performance to traditional materials. They are also biodegradable and have lower environmental impacts during production and disposal.

Is natural insulation suitable for both new construction and retrofitting older buildings?

Yes, natural insulation can be used in both new construction and retrofitting projects. It is versatile and can adapt to various applications.

Does natural insulation contribute to better indoor air quality?

Yes, natural insulation materials are typically free from harmful chemicals and synthetic additives, contributing to healthier indoor air quality.