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The use of limecrete is desirable in a historic building as it allows naturally occurring moisture to escape through the floor. The use of modern cement floors has caused some problems, as moisture is unable to escape through the floor and is pushed towards the walls and can cause damp patches to occur in or around the base of the wall.

Limecrete floors offer an alternative to impervious, non-flexible cement concrete floors. These floors are also chosen for ecological new builds using natural materials such as straw and wood because it uses less energy in production, avoids the use of cement and is recyclable at the end of its useful life.

Glapor recycled foam glass insulation may be used in conjunction with a limecrete slab for insulating values. Glapor Foam Glass Aggregate is an insulation material for underground use. Recycled foam glass aggregate saves energy and also contributes to a comfortable indoor environment.

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Roundtower Limecrete Flooring System
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