Beeck Insil

Beeck Insil

Economical Internal Paint. General purpose, hard wearing paint with good scrub resistance.

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Main Purpose

Economical Internal Paint. General purpose, hard wearing paint with good scrub resistance.


The quantity required for normally absorbent substrates with a fine or medium structure is approx. 0.10 – 0.15 L BEECK Insil per m² and pass. Try out on a test area on site to determine substrate-related application rate differences, especially when using tinted or on very smooth or rough surfaces.

*Only available in White*

Our standard internal paint, Insil offers the benefits of silicate paints for a more economical price, including breathability, durability, longevity and manufactured using natural ingredients with a much lower VOC content than conventional paints, making them safer to use inside.

Available in White and pastel colours (Colour Groups 1)

Insil is fully vapour permeable, suitable for application onto any internal substrate with the correct primer. We recommend Maxol over Gypsum as no primer will be needed, reducing the overall cost.

Internally Beeck paints can help regulate humidity, achieving a healthier internal climate, as well as offer unsurpassed durability.

All Beeck paints contain extremely low VOC’s, are free from chemicals and additions, produce no hazardous waste or by-products, and can be fully recycled.

Used in Conjunction with:

Beeck Fixative when working with porous lime plaster - Beeck Gypsum Primer when working with porous gypsum plaster.

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