Beeck Paint Stripper

Beeck Paint Stripper

Paint stripper for the removal of existing lacquer, latex and emulsion paints.

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Main Purpose

Paint stripper for the removal of existing lacquer, latex and emulsion paints.


The quantity required is highly dependent on the thickness of the paint layer and for a smooth substrate is around 0.5 L BEECK Paint Stripper per m².

Paint stripper for the removal of coats from mineral substrates. Suitable for the removal of old synthetic resin based film-forming coats, special emulsion paints, on façades. Can also be used on interior areas if good ventilation is provided. Can also be used for removing layers of coating from wood and metal. Test for effectiveness in advance.

Beeck paint stripper is a chemically neutral paint stripper with a wide range of uses.

Suitable for removing film-forming old synthetic resin-based coats, for example, acrylic lacquers and emulsion paints including "silicone resin paints". Can also be used to remove lacquer and paint from wood and metal.

The effectiveness must be tested in advance, especially if using on unknown paint coats and on critical substrates.

Suitable substrates are mineral substrates, for example, lime/cement rendering and plaster, concrete, brick, calcium silicate masonry, gypsum rendering and plaster, stucco, wood and metal.

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