SkamoWall Basic Board (Calcium Silicate)

SkamoWall Basic Board (Calcium Silicate)

SkamoWall Basic is a calcium silicate interior insulation board and mould control system.

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Main Purpose

A calcium silicate interior insulation board and mould control system.


0.6m2 per board.

SkamoWall Boards absorb moisture present in buildings by actively diffusing it through the material where it is safely and harmlessly locked away. When the relative humidity in the internal space lowers the drying surface attracts stored water from within the board to the surface which is then evaporated safely away in a controlled manner into the internal space leaving the surface dry once again.

SkamoWall boards are made from a mixture of lime and sand, making it a natural and very effective mould inhibitor.

The SkamoWall Basic Board improves the indoor climate, because the boards absorb moisture and keep it contained. When the room is vented, the moisture is released back into the room as vapour. They act as a dehumidifier helping to maintain a constant humidity level within the building.  

By using SkamoWall Boards the dampness in walls is absorbed and held harmlessly by the board to be later released by evaporation which prevents persistent damp problems and mould as a consequence.

SkamoWall Boards can be applied to a wide range of solid mineral surfaces including brick, concrete and blockwork, the boards are not suitable for application to wooden surfaces or stud work.

SkamoWall Boards also have the capacity to rapidly absorb moisture, a key function that helps moderate the effects that cold damp walls can have on the internal environment, improving occupant comfort, reducing heating costs and mitigating potential mould growth and structural issues.

SkamoWall Boards are a proven solution in a wide range of applications where damp can occur and where improved insulation will provide a more comfortable and healthy living space and reduced heating costs.

Fire Classification: Class A1 (EN 13501-1:2007 + A1:2009)

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