Roundtower Heritage Grout

Roundtower Heritage Grout

Specifically designed dry, ready mixed Heritage Grout, used for consolidating and void filling of solid masonry.

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Main Purpose

Specifically designed dry, ready mixed Heritage Grout, used for consolidating and void filling of solid masonry.


After mixing, a bag will produce approximately 13 litres of mortar.

Available in a range of strengths for consolidation and void filling of solid masonry, Roundtower Heritage Grout is supplied as a single component dry-bagged product, mixed with water on site to create a high stability, fluid grout that can be both pumped and gravity poured.

Binder Strength – Available in Low Strength, Medium Strength and High Strength.

Roundtower Heritage Grouts can be made to suit most historic masonry and conditions. They are factory blended using NHL, Silica and Clays, combined with carefully selected additives to improve the grouts physical and mechanical properties. Roundtower Heritage Grouts are free from cement.


In general, this will be determined by the purpose and application. The purpose of a grout is to fill voids within the core of the masonry. Whilst it is a relatively straightforward application we would expect appropriate preparation in accordance with best practice. It is important that the masonry is of a suitable condition to receive the grout and the masonry has been adequately flushed prior to grouting.

We advise that all necessary housekeeping measures are in place for the monitoring and control of the grout, which has the ability to flow considerable distances under the right conditions. We would recommend that appropriate amounts of clay and/or cotton wool are on site to plug any leaks as and where they might occur.


We assume that the grout will be hand mixed.

A bag of Roundtower Heritage Grout will require 8.5 to 9.5 litres of clean potable water. The water addition will vary according to the application and desired consistency of the grout.

As a dry mixed material, it is possible that some settlement or separation may occur in the bag during transit; when mixing part bags, it is especially important that the dry contents are thoroughly blended prior to mixing with water.

Best Practice/Advised Mixing - First add water to a mixing bucket/tub, followed by the Roundtower Heritage Grout.

Using a plasterer’s mechanical mixer (or other appropriate mixer) mix the grout thoroughly for a minimum of 2 to 3 minutes, ensuring a lump free mixture. Only mix immediately prior to application.

Once mixed, the grout should be regularly remixed to maintain product suspension. Whilst Roundtower Heritage Grout is a specially designed material with carefully selected additions to prevent settlement it should not be allowed to stand. Mix until the desired consistency appropriate to the method of placing.

Roundtower Heritage Grouts are made to order.