IndiTherm - Hemp Flexibatt

IndiTherm - Hemp Flexibatt

Flexible natural fibre thermal insulation batts

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Main Purpose

A flexible insulation batt for rafters, joists as well as studwork.


IndiTherm is a high performance natural fibre insulation batt. It is made from industrial hemp from UK farms and manufactured by IndiNature in the Scottish Borders.

IndiTherm is intended for use as internal insulation, in walls, warm and cold roof, and underfloor applications. It is perfect for between rafters in a ceiling, in between joists or used as insulation in a suspended timber floor.

IndiTherm batts can be cut to size using a number of different tools - for efficient cutting we recommend insulation saws with a wave formed blade.

Key Benefits:

  • Carbon Negative - Industrial hemp captures 15-20 tonnes of carbon per hectare when growing each year. With low energy required during manufacture, IndiTherm is a carbon negative building material helping lower embodied carbon in your building !
  • Vapour Breathable - Helps preserve buildings and with natural regulation of humidity reduces risks of damp & mould, creating healthy indoor air quality.
  • Thermal Mass - Hemp has excellent thermal mass, enabling passive storage and release of heat which helps keep indoor temperatures even all year round.
  • Local Farms - Grown in the UK with local farm crops, reducing carbon in transport.
  • Fire Resistant - Each batch is fire tested in the IndiNature Mill labs. Natural fibres smoulder unlike petrochemical materials.
  • Healthy - Durable but soft for installers to handle.
  • Simple Friction Fit - Between timber frame studs / joists, just like other flexible insulations but with the added advantage of being more rigid to resist slumping.

Product Cutting Tools:

IndiTherm natural fibre insulation batts can be cut to size using a number of different tools. See below:

  • Bahco Insulation Specific Hand Saw - Bahco manufacture a hand saw with 'wave-formed' teeth which are specifically designed to cut insulation and is preferable to dulled hand saws which still being an inexpensive solution.
  • DeWalt Cordless Alligator Saw - DeWalt manufacture a cordless saw capable of cutting a range of materials. This solution is a more expensive one, but is worth considering for larger projects or tradesmen who will be working frequently with insulation materials.

Technical Details:

  • Thermal Conductivity λ - 0.040-0.038W/m.K  
  • Bulk Density ρ - 45kg/m³  
  • Specific Heat Capacity C - 2100J/(kgK)  
  • Vapour Diffusion Resistance μ - 2
  • Carbon (net storage) - 0.70 kgCO2eq/kg

Technical Data

  • Thermal Conductivity λ            0.040-0.038W/m.K  
  • Bulk Density ρ                         45kg/m³  
  • Specific Heat Capacity C          2100J/(kgK)  
  • Vapour Diffusion Resistance μ  2
  • Carbon (net storage)                -0.70 kgCO2eq/kg

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