Heritage Lime Skim

Heritage Lime Skim

Superfine lime putty skim coat.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our digital colours and textures however due to limitations with technology, we strongly advise purchasing sample products for testing in situ prior to the full order being placed.
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Main Purpose

Used as a internal topcoat over lime plaster


Approximately 3m2 at 3mm per 20kg tub

Roundtower's heritage lime skim plaster. Made using a clean

Supplied ready to use, our lime putty mortars are suitable for all manner of wet trade building works including lime rendering, plastering and lime pointing.

Our lime mortars are all made using 4-month matured lime putty with carefully selected high performance sands. Roundtower's substantial range of mortars can closely match applications from anywhere in the U.K and Ireland. We can also blend with any custom sand to match your project's exact requirements.

Due to their broad appeal and natural finish, our best sellers are available in 25kg and 1 tonne bags, which other mortars are available to order. Our most popular topcoat lime putty mortar is CLM66 Lime Skim.

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