Baumit Silikon Top

Baumit Silikon Top

Baumit SilikonTop is a premixed, highly water repellent top coat render with high vapour permeability.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our digital colours and textures however due to limitations with technology, we strongly advise purchasing sample products for testing in situ prior to the full order being placed.
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Main Purpose

Premixed, highly water repellent top coat render with high vapour permeability.


Approximately 7m2 per 25kg tub.

Ready to use, wet topcoat render for thin coat application. Silicone based and stain retarding decorative finish with scratched or dragged grain texture for internal and external areas. Suitable for hand or machine application. A system component of the Baumit External Wall Insulation Systems.

It is particularly suited for exposed areas such as high rainfall zones  where additional protection is required and is often used as part an external insulation system.


Silicone resin and organic binders, mineral fillers, colour pigments, additives and water.


Mineral based, weather resistant, water vapour permeable, stain resistant, non-flame retarding and easy to use.


Surfaces (excluding Baumit PowerFlex basecoats) must always be prepared with a full and even coat of a suitable Baumit primer before applying Baumit SilikonTop. Allow to dry for 24 hours. Refer to Product Data Sheet.


Baumit SilikonTop must be well and slowly mixed with an electric hand mixer before application. It may not be mixed with other paint

materials. Where required a minimal amount of water (max. 1%) may be added to improve workability.


The Baumit SilikonTop is applied with a stainless steel trowel or a fine spray machine and trowelled through to the grain thickness to

produce a full and even coat. The surface is then textured using a plastic float, moving in tight circular motions. It should be applied

systematically and continuously in complete sections.

Further Notes:

Baumit SilikonTop should be left to dry for at least 14 days ( at +20 C° and 60 % rel. humidity) before receiving any further coatings.

The air, material and background temperature must be above +5° C during application and curing. Protect the facade from direct

sunlight, rain and strong winds (i.e. with scaffold nets). High air humidity and low temperatures can prolong drying times considerably.

Products from different batches must be mixed together prior to application. Colour tone development can be affected by the back-

ground conditions, temperature and air humidity level.

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