Beeck Breathable Paints

A look into Beeck breathable paints.

Silicate paints (Mineral paints) are another option along with limewash for the final part of the protective envelope for structures coated with a lime render either smooth or rough as in the case of harling.

A limewash finish

The most abundant Elements in the Earth’s crust are oxygen (46.6%) and silicon (27.7%). Minerals which combine these two elements are called silicates. Over 90% of the Earth’s crust is composed of silicate minerals.

Conventional paints form a layer on the substrate, which tends to become brittle, form cracks and then flake off when exposed to weathering. This is a sign of poor keying with the substrate. Through a process known as silicification, Beeck Silicate paints form a micro-crystalline structure, permanently bonding directly with the substrate mineral.

Beeck Silicate paints incorporate capillary-active coatings which have an open porosity. Thanks to silicification the capillary action forms an inseparable mineral unit with the plaster, and do not tend to flake off.

Beeck silicate paint

The silicification process used in this paint is the bond between the substrate silicates and the mineral paint silicates. Beeck is the only company to offer both Passive Silicification and Active Silicification Formula (ASF) within their mineral paint range.

Passive Silicification - Occurs when the paint soaks into the substrate background and achieves a partial bond which does to some extent bond with the silicates in the substrate. In this instance, the paint can still be removed. The paint being breathable does not form a vapour-tight skin, therefore still ensuring a balanced, healthy living climate.

Active silicification Formula – (A.S.F. patented by Beeck) gives the paint a permanent silicate-to-silicate bond to the substrate. The paint etches into and essentially becomes part of the substrate. Once bonded with the substrate a highly stable, colour and lightfast durable coating with a natural effect is achieved.

Beeck silicate paints offer a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to the majority of the paint market. Beeck paints have a very low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content. They are non-toxic, and are free of artificial resins, solvents, preservatives, plasticisers, and biocides. No toxic gases are released during a fire. The high alkalinity of the coatings has a mould resistant and bactericidal effect.  The durability and longevity of mineral paints makes their use economical and maintenance friendly.

Beeck mineral paints can be used on traditional buildings and new builds. A wide range of compatible primers also means that this paint can be used on substrates with weak silicification attributes.

When using Beeck Silicate Paints, it is extremely important to carefully cover areas that are not being treated, especially glass, ceramics, and window sills, and protect them from splashes; otherwise the paint will form an irreversible chemical bond with the substrate.

Beeck Mineral paint will last almost indefinitely when applied to a solid interior substrate and when applied to the exterior should last twice as long as an acrylic paint applied under the same conditions if the substrate remains intact.

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