Roundtower Paints

An exclusive range of 36 hand picked colours which are bulk mixed and available in 250ml, 5 Litre and 12.5 Litre tubs. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our digital colours and textures however due to limitations with technology, we strongly advise purchasing sample products for testing in situ prior to the full order being placed.

White (C-102)

The perfect colour to bring back those memories with the china porcelain taken from the dresser and put on the table for tea.

Olden Days (C-182)

Wonderfully evocative of days gone by. Delicately brightening your home whilst adding a little bit of old-world charm.

Off White (C-101)

A quiet neutral pallet with a waft of colour to enhance the natural beauty held within. A masterpiece of colour magic at your disposal.

Delight (C-311)

Another neutral shade with a little more colour within to give a hint of warmth on a cold day.

Cobble Stone (C-340)

A colour as natural as the stone itself, creating a tranquil ambiance in today’s turbulent world.

Industry (C-181)

That darker shade of grey. Giving a strong colour to enrich any environment.

Creamery (C-103)

Cream evocative of summer days, a light touch to bring a warm glow to any space.

Seriously (C-163)

Quite perky, able to inject a cheerful light colour to brighten your rooms throughout your home.

Stoney Ground (C-341)

Evocative of the Great Burren feeling its portentous presence, creating a great backdrop to allow other colours to take centre stage.

Egg Shell (C-244)

The promise of spring in the air, a light pastel shade to elevate any room.

Pastel Blue (C-243)

Bringing the light blue sky within touching distance, enhancing any surface it touches.

Blush (C-135)

That youthful exuberance carrying you along in its own irresistible way. A charming colour for any room.

Powder Puff (C-126)

This muted colour provides an excellent back drop to enable you to incorporate those extra special dashes of brighter colour.

Softness (C-111)

A soft gentle colour to help create a muted yet light airy atmospheric room.

Golden (C-115)

Bringing the colours of summer inside. That golden hue of wheat and barley. Some say bread & beer the household staple of olden times.

Century (C-207)

That old age colour that bursts into life when applied in the right setting. Giving that special light feeling just when you need it.

Tower (C-118)

Deep and brooding, bursting with colour.

Sulphur (C-114)

Another extraordinary colour bursting fourth from your walls, bringing both light and colour to brighten any room.

Sweet (C-229)

Sweet William pink found in many Irish gardens. Lifting the rooms it colours and leaving them vibrant and warm. Just perfect.

Greengage (C-176)

Another green but with that little bit of middle eastern spice thrown in to give this particular colour that extra “je ne sais quoi” that everyone is looking for!

Society (C-254)

Just one of those 40 shades of green, inspiring thousands of ideas whilst bringing a little bit of the countryside indoors.

Rain Forrest (C-656)

Giving you a tropical setting to immerse and relax yourself in after a hard day’s work.

Patinol (C-174)

An unexpected colour with an exceptional flare of energy enriching that special space within your home.

Teling (C-247)

Is it blue, is it green, whatever it is, it Is a remarkable colour with its own powerful intensity.

Georgian (C-167)

The stylish sophistication bleeds through stimulating that Georgian elegance in any home.

Austrian (C-169)

Evoking the skies above an alpine meadow just waiting for the flowers of spring to open and enjoy the blue sky all around.

Lagoon (C-171)

A gentle colour invoking images of white sand and palm trees enabling you to bring that coastal feeling inside almost dictating the colour scheme on its own.

Deep Water Dive (C-170)

An atmospheric blue just waiting for you to dive in and explore its depth and almost surreal tone.

Royal (C-153)

Deep and luxurious, one of those colours for an ancient wall or one of those colours to explode across the whole expanse. Bringing you along on its own sensual journey, provoking a whole new room concept.

Castle (C-120)

A deep decadent almost burnt yellow giving that warm feeling of wellbeing safely ensconced in the castles great hall or even nestled within the kitchen trestle tables.

Red House (C-224)

That burst of colour that welcomes you from afar and yet when you get closer envelopes you in that warm cosy homely feeling.

Cardinal (C-225)

Rich and vibrant almost a velvety texture an Indulgence to create that special atmosphere anywhere.

Ash (C-344)

A colour that has been associated with man since the dawn of fire “Ash” bringing its own timeless impression to any building.

Rooftop (C-348)

The slate roof or the riven flag stone, whether on the roof, on the floor or even on the walls gives that impression of strength and permanency to any home.

Night Time (C-350)

Just a dash of starlight, a touch of mystery and a lot of style just perfect for that distinctive room you’ve always craved.

Darkness (C-655)

The miners delved deep and searched far to find this intoxicating colour just for you. Fulfil its potential and show it off in all its glory.