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Industrial Scale Change

Welcome the new era of clean-tech and biotech in construction

IndiNature is an innovative leader in bio-based materials and construction products. The company use leading science and traditional crops to bring industrial-scale change to the climate, the environment and people's health.

The company’s co-founders started IndiNature because there is a need for global industrial scale change in the types of products we put in our buildings.There is a growing urgency for products which capture, rather than create, carbon; for products which use bio-based materials and no toxins; and for products which don’t end up in landfill.

IndiNature Tractor Cutting Hemp

When studying sustainable architecture, co-founder Scott carried out lab-based research into natural alternative insulations and found they also have performance advantages over conventional ones. He then used his family home as a case study – completely gutting, rebuilding and extending it using the best natural materials on the market. The three-bed home ended up with a ¼ of the average heating bill and now keeps humidities and temperatures even, comfortable and healthy all year long. Warm in winter, cool in summer – naturally. But the products were hard to find, expensive and imported. IndiNature was founded in 2016 to make high quality natural insulations and to make them available locally around the globe – on an industrial scale and price competitive. IndiNature’s parent company is based in Edinburgh – leading on materials innovation including biotech R&D and novel construction products.

The first subsidiary will be a high capacity insulation factory we call our Hempworks – using traditional industrial hemp crops – in the Scottish Borders. Industrial hemp is a historic crop in the UK – it was grown for its durability and strength for the Navy’s rigging and anchor ropes and sails. We are proud to help revive this exceptionally sustainable crop in the UK and globally. We’re here to make the world a better place.

Global Emissions Trajectories Last vs Next Century@2x.png

Capturing carbon – naturally

The construction industry is responsible for nearly 50% of carbon emissions – when you include the amount of carbon needed to make products, construction plus heating and cooling (Green Building Council, 2017).

IndiNature uses very fast growing industrial crops – these pull CO2 from the air as they grow, which then gets locked up in our products. Our manufacturing processes use as little as 10% of the energy of conventional insulations. This means, in total, our products are storing a net amount of carbon – reversing climate change.

Each factory captures as much carbon as 5,200,258 trees

10,483 tonnes CO2/yr x 30 years. Data from Zhou, 2019. Full Carbon Life Cycle Assessment of IndiTherm®